10 Tips To Attract More Crowd To Your Booth!

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From what I gleaned from the media recently, a lot of activities are happening in Sentosa. What with the opening of Resort World to the public in phases and Sentosa itself  busy preparing themselves for the “competition”  when RW opens fully.

There are also signs that the economy is picking up – in Singapore especially with the property prices heading north for both the private and government housing. Its definitely good news  for us event planners as clients are setting aside budget once again for staff events, incentive trips, etc.

I received a call the other day from a client who is puzzled why the booth that she spent so much  on at a road-show in a mall,  was not doing too well in terms of getting leads. The
crowd was there she said, but no one wants to go near their booth. She was promoting financial services and products. She was handling everything herself – from booking  of the venue to dealing with the booth, setting up the furniture and even handing out the flyers. Needless to say, she and her team were exhausted even before the roadshow begin!

She never thought that a simple roadshow would take up too much work – she asked if my team can handle her next roadshow for her next time! I told her that she needs something at the booth to attract the crowd.  She said, there was no music, no displays on what they are selling, no emcee to call out to the crowd, nothing. Her reason – she never thought of all that and thought it would be simple. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Hence today’s article is about how to attract the crowd to your booth if you are involved in a roadshow or
exhibition in the future!

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10 Tips To Attract More Crowd To Your Booth!

Just because you have a booth in an exhibition or doing a road-show in a mall to promote your products or services, doesn’t mean that the crowd will come rushing by. Its not as simple as hiring a space, filing the area with table/chairs and getting your people to hand over flyers to the crowd. More often than not, if you do not have a strategy to attract the crowd to your booth – you may end up being disappointed or worst, wasting your money and time!

The 10 tips below were takened off the ISE (International Sportsmen Exposition) website and though the website deals with hunting, fishing, etc in the USA, the ideas behind it is relevant for ANY type of exhibition or road-shows that you may be doing in the future. I happened to stumble upon this and thought its great to share. I have added my comments in italics.

  1. Create An Open Atmosphere. Eliminate all physical and psychological barriers to your booth by making it open and inviting. Move the furniture to the back and sides to create room for attendees to easily enter your booth. That’ll lead to discussion and sales. People should be able to enter your booth from all corners -especially if its an “island” booth and not be “blocked” by any furniture
  2. Improve Your Lighting. Any booth will attract attention if it is well lit. The human eye is naturally attracted to bright lights. Be the brightest light on your block and attendees will gather like moths to a porch light. I will go further and add music or hire a DJ/Emcee combo to attract the crowd to your booth
  3. Color Your World. Bright colors are pleasing to our eyes and exciting to our brains. Bright, rich colors presented in high contrast attract visitors to your booth. But be aware of the mood you put people in with the colors you use. I am a great advocate of colours that can enhance the moods.Green=Nature
  4. Use the Soft Touch. Upgrade to quality carpet and padding. Your feet, your staff and your booth visitors will thank you. The soft feel underfoot gives the impression of quality and class. Match booth carpet color to the aisle carpet to eliminate any physical barrier to your booth. The carpet also serves as a “territory marking” as to where your booth area is so the customers will know where to go and especially if its brightly coloured.
  5. Make Something Move. Provide movement to attract attendees’ attention and in turn their bodies to your booth. If you are selling a product, try to involve it in some booth demonstration. The idea is to also allow for audience’s participation. Give free head & shoulder massages OR rent a candy-floss or pop-corn machine and give free pop-corn/candy floss away (if parents are your target audience). The kids will get their parents to the booth for sure! While waiting for them get their pop-corn or candy floss, get the parents to fill up a survey or give you their contact details, and slowly invite them in for a further discussion if they agree.
  6. Personalize Your Exhibit. Your exhibit doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Put a table lamp in your booth, lay down an area rug, use props (holiday, seasons, sports or recreational), or decorate with items you plan to give to key clients – all to attract attention and initiate conversation. Another good idea would be to have a “mini Wheel of Fortune” or for them to have an “instant draw” – people love getting something for free! And for a chance to participate, get their contacts 🙂
  7. Great Photos Work. Your pictures should relate to the audience you want to attract! Put guest names as captions under their pictures and get their permission to use them as references. I am great advocate of pop-up banners that are professionally done, which shows what you are selling/promoting. People would want to know what you are promoting before entering the booth and they will not ask.
  8. Invent a Dress Code. Don’t make the attendee search for your staff. Have your own branded attire made so that everyone has “your” look. This could be a jacket, vest, shirt, hat, etc. This identification will instantly let the attendee know who to approach in your booth or elsewhere on the floor. Other than a dress code for your staff, make sure they are neatly dressed if the occassion calls for it, and that they made the effort to look professional at all times.
  9. Stay In Touch, Get In Touch. How we communicate is changing. Stay in touch and reach out by using the tools your current and potential customers are using: websites, blogging, e-mail blasts, search-engine campaigns, text messaging, PDA downloads. When you get their contacts, ask them if they would like to receive your monthly newsletters – as a way to keep in touch with them.
  10. Staff Your Booth With the Best. Nothing will increase your ROI like choosing the right people to staff your booth. If it can’t be you, only send your best, happiest, and most outgoing staff – no matter what their position within the company. You need people willing and able to initiate conversation with anyone, answer questions about your product, and record lead information. I cannot emphasize this enough. Sometimes the right person for the job can make all the difference! Get someone who is a “people-person” to man your booth.

So there you go! 10 tips that will make your booth more attractive.. The good people at ISE has this to add :

If the idea of implementing all 10 steps seems daunting, take it slow. Try out a few ideas to see how they work with your product and within your industry. Whatever you do, have fun and be comfortable with your exhibit, your marketing plan, and your staff. Your confidence and faith in your decisions will make a difference with your staff and potential customer.

Good luck!

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