So What’s Your Party Theme for Your Dinner & Dance (D&D) This Year?

So What’s Your Party Theme for Your Dinner & Dance This Year?

Year end events are soon to be around the corner, have you planned your year-end party yet? So what’s it gonna be? Dinner & Dance; Dances are great events for you and your staff to relax, let their hair down and celebrate after a year-long hard work at the office. You know your audience best. Before deciding on a theme, ask: what do they like to do? Are they party animals and drink guzzlers? Are they game to dress up in costumes? Do they want a cosy or a grand affair? What’s their age group – what kind of entertainment do you think they’d like? Once you have nailed down these details, here’s some ideas on popular Party themes for your Dinner & Dances:

1) Casino Nite

Getting to be very popular now in Singapore with the opening of Marina Bay Sands & Resort World Casinos. My team and I are organising 2 upcoming ones for our clients for year ends. Hire casino tables, croupiers and a casino manager to make sure that your guests have Lady Luck smiling at them. Since its not using “real money”, there won’t be anyone going home “burnt”. Good to give your guests a “casino experience” if they like the thrill of gambling and especially for those who has never stepped into one.

2) F1 Racing Nite

When we think of F1 Racing, we think of the “Racing Girls”, the famous race car drivers, the champagne that never ends and the amazing crowd cheering! Incorporate all these in your event and wala you can have your own F1 Racing Nite for your Dinnner & Dance.What’s more with the Pit Stop Building near the Singapore Flyer available for rental for corporate events during non-F1 months, you definitely can experience the “real thing” for your next D&D πŸ™‚

3) Retro Nite – The Swinging 60’s

The ever-popular retro nite, especially when the majority of your guests came from “that era”. Even if they are not, the young ones will have fun dressing up in Retro costumes – think bell-bottoms, mini-skirts, bee-hive hairdos. Organise a show competition impersonating those famous icons during the Swinging 60’s era – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe, your guests will have a ball!

4) Back To School

Well if you don’t have much budget to start with – Back To School themes has always been, well, cost effective. Think about it – you can hire the school halls where they have a large stage, use their canteen tables and benches as your table set up – no need to have them at expensive hotels. everyone can dress up in bermudas, sneakers and “school uniforms”, save money on your dressy “ball gowns” and “formal wear”. The theme can be fun especially when you incorporate skits, dramas and school games as part of your D&D programme.

5) Beach Partay

This would be cool if you hold it next to a beach – of course! Think Caribbean, Luau/Hawaiian Nites. Get a location where its covered and yet faces the beach. As tentage costs can be quite costly. We always think of wet-weather plans, dont we? Changi Beach Club has some amazing views from their indoor function hall and of course the good ol’ Sentosa Pavillions and their many restaurants along Siloso Beach can help as well.Hire talents to dress up as “Hawaiian ladies” and garland your guests with a “Lei” to welcome them into the hall and get your guests to do the “Hula” dance πŸ™‚

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St Regis Hotel

Ideal for 200 pax or less, its pillarless high ceiling (8.3metres) ballroom just reeks of luxury. Its about the only hotel in Singapore that has oval-shaped tables, instead of round ones, so that guests can have better view of the stage or whats going on around them. How cool is that? Their chairs are not just seats with chair covers on them – they are actual cushioned seats that are so plushed, you actually sank in them πŸ™‚

The only challenge is that they are not really suitable for big events, anything more than 200 pax would be pushing it. Other than gala dinners, they are great for conferences, meetings and seminars involving “C-level” guests or dignitaries or those who would like to experience exclusivity.

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