3 Ways To Rake In Revenues For Your Next Event!

Here’s 3 Ways To Rake In Revenues for your Event!

1) Charge an admission / registration fees

The most obvious way to earn revenue for your event is to charge admission fees. Sport events  like Marathons, Golf-Tournaments, Triathlons are famous for charging registration fees and they get huge crowds as well. Concerts, drama, plays and of course seminars, conferences have something to offer in terms of entertainment or learning value. If you want to charge for your event – make sure there is something of value that people want

2) Get Sponsors

Sponsors for your event will only work if its an audience that the sponsors want to target and its well-attended. Having said that, getting sponsors is one lucrative way to rake in revenue for your event. And dont just limit to one type of sponsorship, you can get sponsors for everything from title sponsorship for your event to goodybags and even luncheon sponsorships!

3) Back-end product sales/merchandising

If you have a good event branding, you can sell anything from T-shirts, water bottles, towels, stationery, with your event logo that people want to buy. That’s an additional source of revenue for you. Think how some movies sell everything from paper cups to mouse pads with your favourite movie characters on them. Sports events are especially famous for selling their own products like t-shirts, key-chains, sports wear at their own events.

So there you go, 3 ways how you can rake in revenues for your next event. If you would like to learn more on how you can organise your own event systematically and with less stress, register here.

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