Event management takes meticulous planning, budgeting and skillfull organisation

"Too often companies forget that invigorated, motivated, happy staff having fun are the key to a successful business! Every company should celebrate their staff. If that involves a party or two, the more the better!"

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Convention Links was born with the idea to help busy, time-crunched business executives like you manage and execute all your event planning and meeting needs without having to go through a mountain of hassle.

We are in the business of making you happy and making you look good. Looking good to your peers, your bosses, your clients, your distributors and so on. It is after all about an event well-organised and a fantastic and credible corporate image.

People will buy from someone they feel good with, won't they? Be it a razzle dazzle product launch, informative seminars on their upcoming IT products, the glitzy annual dinner & dance or the incentive trips with teambuilding activities thrown in to reward deserving staff, special events is a MUST to boost your corporate image, strengthen work relationships within the company, get more sales leads and convert prospective customers into long-term customers and solidify relationships with existing ones.

Successful events and conferences do not simply happen. Event management takes meticulous planning, budgeting and skillfull organisation.

It needs a smooth execution.

We have the experience and expertise to plan meetings, events, conventions of any scale in Singapore, Malaysia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. We will help turn your programme ideas into a well-organised event that lives up to your goals and expectations.

Convention Links will give you the peace of mind needed in running a successful event. We will help you define your goals and objectives and assist you in customizing your event package that will suit your budget and needs.

If you are thinking of organising events in Singapore and Malaysia as well as other parts of Asia, we have the capacity and the network to serve you!

7 reasons companies work with Convention Links.

1. Results Oriented

All events will not start until a thorough objectives assessment with you as the client is conducted by our project consultants. Once clients objectives are ascertained, we will table the methods to achieve them. We will agree on what constitute successful results and your expectations managed.

2. Detailed and Process Driven

If it is a lead generation event exercise, a direct marketing rollout plan is carried out consisting of a)faxouts b) email blasts c)mailers d) telemarketing.

Database is everything and at Convention Links, we take pride in ensuring that the database for each marketing exercise is up to date, accurate and targeted.

All clients database are compiled into one readable format. All database are sieved through to ensure that they are complete with addresses (for mailouts), fax numbers (for faxouts), email addresses (for email blasts) and telephone numbers (for telemarketing. Any missing contacts will either be looked up through the yellow pages, or updated via phone calls to the person stated on the database. No effort is spared. We can spend days just looking through the database. Hence we always insist of a good marketing lead time of at least 8 weeks to the event date.

3. Exclusivity

And though we would love to take on other projects while we are
working on yours. We do not do so. Every project is exclusive and each
project manager will be assigned a maximum of 2 projects per period of
time. It is our overzealous policy in providing excellent quality service and
to ensure that our resources are focused solely on running your event and
ensuring a successful show. Depending on the scale of the event, more staff for
onsite management will be roped in to help out in the execution of the event. Nothing
will be spared.

4. Professional and well-trained staff

Our staff goes through a rigorous training process in all aspects of event management from customer care, event enquiry, liaison work and successful coordination. We select our staff based on their personality, aptitude to withstand pressure and who has an upbeat and positive attitude towards all customers.

Furthermore, our staff are people- loving and knows what it takes to get the job done. Any requests no matter how big or small will be handled with utmost care and concern so long as it is within our capacity to do so and within moral, ethical grounds (of course).

Our strong "clients-come-first" culture is further reinforced with us never having to say "no" to you. Request for a last minute re-schedule of events? Not a problem. A get-together in 3 days? Not a problem. Getting last minute requests at events are our cup of tea.

5. Technology driven

All registrations are keyed into a central online registration system.
Each recipient are encouraged to respond either online registration
form submission, faxout or telephone. At Convention Links, we
personalize each event with a certain look and feel. Our webdesigners
ensure that each event eflyer and registration form has the necessary
logo, corporate colour and design. All registrations keyed in will also be
compiled automatically into a CENTRAL WEB DATABASE . Our client
will be given the web address to check on the status of registrations
24/7 hence eliminating the need to constantly update them on the
registration status. Every recipient who register online will also be
responded to automatically. Using auto responders, they will get a
message that their registration submission is successful and to await
for registration confirmation. If the seminar is at no charge, all
confirmation will be subjected to the clients' approval.

6. Personalised

Our dealings with you will be personalized and even if the assigned project manager is on leave, everyone in the company will know the latest update on your projects. Thanks to our centralized event management system. What's more, your clients will also be treated with utmost care and concern. All invitations to your guests will be sent to them addressed to them personally.

Furthermore, every single one of Convention Links staff from the receptionist to the secretariat officers are trained in the arena of customer greeting, customer friendliness.

As your event manager, we understand the need to treat your clients as you would treat them. In fact your clients will be treated like part of the family!

7. Service Guarantee

We guarantee that our services for your events will be done to your utmost satisfaction. We have many repeat clients and that in itself is a testimony to our service excellence.

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