7 Key Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Venue

7 KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE CHOOSING YOUR VENUE Choosing the right venue for your event is half the battle won. Having the right venue is very important in setting the tone and creating the right atmosphere or ambience for your guests. When choosing the venue for your upcoming event, always bear in mind that it should first fit with your… There Is More Here

How’s Your Event Decor Coming Along?

Hi there, Last week, I emailed you a Bonus Report on the 10 “HOTTEST” Venues To Host Your Next Special Event In Singapore. It was actually for new subscribers who have requested for it – I gave it to you too and hope that you welcome it and have enjoyed reading it while gleaning a thing or two from the report…. There Is More Here

5 Qualities Of A Great Event Planner!

5 Qualities Of A Great Event Planner! Amongst other things, an event planner helps to take a whole load of stress and headache off your event planning and execution. He or she will help to propose ideas based on what you want, suggest other possible ways of doing things, execute them and make your vision… There Is More Here

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