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I  saw  a pretty spectacular event in Singapore recently last February – the Chingay Parade!

Well if you don’t know, Chingay is a Chinese Street Parade organised annually here in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festivities . Having lived in Singapore all my life, I never took the time to go  and see it LIVE (there’s always the TV telecast the next day, you see?) – until my hubby who is
Canadian complained that he never get to see a lot of “cultural stuff” ever since he lived here in Singapore. “What  lack of cultural stuff?” I said, “Didnt we go to Little India, Chinatown, The Malay Village & Arab street every other week to eat and sometimes shop?”

Anyway!  the first thing I did was to bring him to a Chingay Parade 🙂

Am glad I did because believe it or not, I actually enjoyed it. It was professionally organised, the show was entertaining, the crowd was responsive and participative – and everyone was given a pair of cheerleader’s pom pom and a light stick that glowed in the dark.  And the parade -it was beautiful!

What a visual feast – the decorated floats with the performers in gorgeous colourful costumes. There were performances from across the region  – Ramayana Dance from Indonesia which was beautifully choreographed  and so was  the Taiwanese spin top dance. The Wushu dance & drum beat performance plus the acrobatic stunts – from China. Even Darth Vader and his Storm troopers took to the streets! The fireworks at the end was spectactacular. It was a wow event – its really different watching it LIVE at the parade and watching it on TV. My hubby and I truly enjoyed it and we will be going again next year- You should too!

Having seen the Chingay brought me to this week’s topic – Choose the right performers, talents and entertainers for your event. Entertain your audience, keep them captivated yes. So choose your entertainers smartly. Depending on what type of event you are organising, having the right type of entertainers/talents can give your event the extra edge.

Read on!

To your success,
Maya Kuchit-Desjarlais
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Choose Entertainers, Talents and Performers For Your Event Wisely

Depending on what sort of event you organised, here are some choices of entertainers, talents & performers you can choose from. Events can range from Family Day, Dinner & Dance, Product Launches, Galas, Weddings, and even Cocktail Parties where some sort of entertainment is expected. This list is not exhaustive by any means.

Outdoor events are  also different from indoor events. Day events are different from Night events, so choose your
entertainers wisely.

1) Dances, dance performers

Dances range from cultural dance like bhangra dance, the malay kompang and dikir barat as well as the chinese dance (suitable if most of your guests are overseas or foreign visitors) to modern dances like hip hop and exotic dance like flaminco dance, bellydance, pole dance and hawaiian dance. There are also specially choreographed dance to open your event or if you are organising an opening ceremony which have VIPs.

2) Acrobatic Stunts

If you have the budget, acrobatic stunts add a spectacular element to your event. In the USA & Canada where wedding planning budgets can run in the hundreds of thousands, I know of one
wedding event which hired a “champagne fairy” to entertain the guests. The acrobat is hung on the ceiling in a hoop just above the dance floor – surrounded by bottles of champagne which were also hung from the ceiling with metal ropes. While she does her splits in the air she is lowered up and down by a mechanical rope and all the
while pouring champagne to the guests  – while they stood around on the dance floor with their glasses!

3) Talents & Mascots

Stilt walkers have been around a long time and are very popular in fairs, family days and outdoor events where there crowds walking around. For cocktail parties, the “Table Ladies” are also another popular option in that they walk around in a costume with a round table attached to their waist – without the table legs! They will pour drinks for the guests, take a photo with them and brought about an interesting conversation starter for the guests.
Of course you can also hire talents to dress up as mascots if you have children coming to your event. Alot of costume rental companies have huge range of mascot costumes for your to choose from.

4) FireEater, Fire show performers

This is fun if your event is at night and its outdoors. Its very popular in beach parties, carribean nite themes as well as BBQ nites! Fire show performers is different from fire eaters in that they don’t swallow rods of fire – in fact they do quite spectacular stunts while twirling rods of fire, skipping with a burning rope and even perform with dangerous looking sparks which look like they are being electrocuted! Can be quite impressive at night.

5) Magician,  Solo on-stage illusionists

To entertain your guests while they are having drinks, you can hire a “walk-about” magician which does card tricks and magic while they walk around to groups. Its an excellent talking point and will get your guests who did not know each other to mingle around in double quick time. Magicians and illusionists can also be hired as solo on-stage performers but make sure their performances are spectacular enough to impress your guests like making a vehicle disappear on stage!

So there you go, some ideas on what sort of entertainers are available out there. A good event planner will recommend the right ones for your event and they will have the necessary contacts to get them all to ensure they are relevant and your event will be successful !

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