7 Key Strategies To Organising Your Own Successful Events!
A Practical Hands-On Workshop For The Corporate Executives. Ideas to Help You Organise Your Own Events!

event-product-01Let’s face it, not everyone of us was born to plan events. It takes more than just booking the venue and catering food to make any event successful!

Behind every fabulous event, there are essential elements, key strategies that are in place to make it happen.

An event that runs like a well-oiled machine will get praises all around – but an event that flops – low turnouts, unhappy guests or a programme that is an entertaining as your toe nail can be a nightmare!

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Secrets To Hosting Your Own Event: Simple Strategies To Plan, Promote and Execute Your Own Seminars & Workshops

event-product-02Listen in as Maya Kuchit shares the event marketing strategies she first learned when she was promoting seminars and conferences for business…as well as what she’s learned to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes – so that you don’t have to do the same!

Created especially for coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and other solo-preneurs. You’ll have more fun organizing your own event than ever before, as well as get more people to raise their hands to attend your events.

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Event Success Blueprint –  How To Run Your Events Successfully!

event-product-03Created for the wanna-be Event Planners, this one-of-a-kind, 7-step program walks you through the Event Whiz’s entire simple system to plan, organize your own or your client’s event.

This is the “learn at home version” with manuals and courses as well as check-lists for you to get through the finish line stress-free and with more grace & ease.

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