Get The Right Delegates To Your Conferences, Seminars And Workshops!

conference and seminarsAs a professional conference organizer and a seminar promoter, Convention Links will help you get those butts to the seats! We will assist you to market your event and organize it for you from venue search to providing logistic support be it a conference, seminar or workshop that you are hosting.

If you are targeting to a niche industry, we will sit down with you and come up with a detailed marketing plan to help you to reach your objectives.


telemarketingWe can assist in all direct marketing activities. If it is a lead generation event exercise you are looking out, a direct marketing rollout plan will be carried out consisting of

a) faxouts
b) email blasts
c) mailers
d) telemarketing


Database is everything!

databaseAt Convention Links, we take pride in ensuring that the database for each marketing exercise is up to date, accurate and targeted.

All clients database are compiled into one readable format. All database are sieved through to ensure that they are complete with addresses (for mailouts), fax numbers (for faxouts), email addresses (for email blasts) and telephone numbers (for telemarketing).

Any missing contacts will either be looked up through the yellow pages, or updated via phone calls to the person stated on the database. No effort is spared. We can spend days just looking through the database. Hence we always insist of a good marketing lead time of at least 8 weeks to the event date.

As such this is a laborious process of database cleaning to ensure that the invites get to the correct person and designation and minimize return mails. Hence, costs is saved through using less postage, mailers, envelopes and labels being wasted.

Online registration system:

All registrations are keyed into a central online registration system. Each recipient are encouraged to respond either online registration form submission, faxout or telephone. At Convention Links, we personalize each event with a certain look and feel. Our webdesigners ensure that each event eflyer and registration form has the necessary logo, corporate colour and design. All registrations keyed in will also be compiled automatically into a CENTRAL WEB DATABASE . Our client will be given the web address to check on the status of registrations 24/7 hence eliminating the need to constantly update them on the registration status.

Every recipient who register online will also be responded to automatically. Using autoresponders, they will get a message that their registration submission is successful and to await for registration confirmation. If the seminar is at no charge, all confirmation will be subjected to the clients’ approval.

Having said that, we only work with a select group of clients whom we are certain we can help. To know if you are one of them – submit your details here

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