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When else can you cheer for, be inspired, cry and laugh at the same time?

Scenario: A Company has just gone through a merger with another company and what was once 10 small business units is now 1 major business unit with more than 200 staff! The VP of this newly set up business unit wanted  everyone to start getting to know each other and start talking with one another – to have a united front. And he wants to do this in 2 days!

P&G_0077_rSolution: Convention Links recommended and organized a  2day/1 nite offsite meeting &  teambuilding retreat – away from the office environment.  Sentosa was chosen as the location. Programme includes a half day business meeting to update the employees.





A half day Amazing Race teambuilding was created with the sole purpose of getting the staff to bond and talk with one another.




P&G_0503_rCoupled with a Caribean themed dinner party complete with Fire-Eater,the Caribean hula girls dancing, a mobile photo studio with rented costumes, and the Brazilian Copeira dancers to complete the nite.




P&G_0512_rIt provided massive entertainment and wild partying for the crowd! Everyone enjoyed themselves and the event was a huge success!

Result : Everyone bonded in less than 2 days!




 Get Convention Links To Organise For You:  A Company Retreat  Teambuilding or An Offsite Meeting If you want to:

  1. ToastGet your staff to bond with one another in super-quick time
  2. Motivate & inspire your team
  3. Overcome massive hurdles due to differences in culture and social norms
  4. Engage your staff with the pressing issues at hand
  5. Develop transparency & trust amongst your staff
  6. Provide a form of “social support” for your staff
  7. Contribute positively to experiences in organizations


Having an offsite retreat allows you and your staff to:

  1. CelebrationGain a clearer understanding of how they “belong” to the organization in which they work
  2. Learn the relative norms in which the company operate
  3. Discuss, exchange and share information with each other in accomplishing various tasks and duties
  4. Have fun while working together as a team
  5. Build bridges and bond  with one another
  6. Develop transparency and trust amongst each other in ways that are not always possible in other forms of communication
  7. Focus on the pressing issues at hand and identify solutions for the company


All in super-quick time. Shorten the time you take to get them to accomplish all these and more by letting us help you to organize your offsite retreats.


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