If You Don’t Have The Time To Run Your Events Successfully – Let Us Do It For You!

Convention Links help busy, time-crunched business executives like you to plan  and manage your events efficiently , hassle-less and stress free, and in the most effective manner as possible. Time is such a precious commodity, why waste  it working on something  that is not and will never be your core activity? We help you to minimize errors and help you to maximize your savings by providing you with event vendors that are reliable, credible and can do the job for you!

Event Venue Sourcing1)    Venue Sourcing

Choosing the right venue for your event is already half the battle won.

Why go through the hassle of calling a long list of venues when you can simply call us for help?

From hotel ballrooms, convention centres, auditoriums, little-known training rooms with great accessibility to unique venues like yacht clubs, rooftop, beach locations, theme parks, museums, art galleries and garden or at the national parks – we have done it all.

Talent Drummer2)    Artiste Management

Looking for that ideal artiste or talent, professional emcee, celebrity hosts that can create the“wow” factor for that event? Our talents run gamut from roving magicians, illusionists, aerial dancers, acrobats, mime artistes, singers, belly dancers, stand-up comedians, LIVE band performers, drummers, casino dealers, snake charmers and even the “kachang puteh man”!

Event Design and Print3)    Design & Print

To print or not to print? That is the question.

Our design team can create the right “look and feel” for your event via your e-invitation, banners, backdrop, invitation cards and posters.

Event Registration RSVP4)    Registrations & RSVP

We can create an online registration system just for your guests to RSVP.

All registrations will go through a central database system that can be accessed by the organizers.

Less hassle and less stress in managing your RSVP!

Event Decoration

5)    Décor

A Themed Gala Dinner is not complete without elements of décor in them.  From “Hawaiian, Carribean, Oriental, Shanghai and Pirates Night to Space-Age, Cosmic, Metamorphosis and Casino Nites – décor is always important to bring up the mood! This can be lightings, props, wall, stage décor including the table centerpieces and  floral arrangements  that can create the ambience and lift up the mood for your event!

AV Equipment6)    AV, Logistics & Staging

Not having the right AV and logistics team can be a huge nightmare!

We provide for and conceptualise the event production for you right from start to finish.


Need great ideas for a product launch and the mechanism to execute them? Just call us!


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