1. Why outsource my meeting/event?

Outsourcing to a professional meeting and event management company like Convention Links can free your time (and your staff’s) to focus on your core competencies. For many of CONVENTION LINKS’s clients, this means you can focus on your event attendees (be it your own staff, prospects, clients, distributors, channel partners), developing an amazing programme for your event with our help and letting Convention Links to handle ALL the logistics.

Outsourcing a specialty service like event planning is also similar to outsourcing accounting or legal support – you may not have enough work in-house to justify a full-time position or you may want the talent and expertise of an outsider who specialise in an area that is not your expertise. CONVENTION LINKS stays current on industry education and trends. We offer the value-added experience that comes from working with multiple clients on a variety of events similar to yours. Last but not least, our relationships in the industry give you added buying power at the negotiating table.


2. We are a small company and may not have the budget for a full-service offering, will you still take us on?

No client need is too small. We happily customize our services to your objectives. We may help you in some parts of the event planning process rather than as a whole. We are known for expert negotiation, and we often provide site selection and contract negotiation for events – even if we will not be needed on-site. We offer event planning services to companies who want an intimate, flawlessly executed dinner for 10 as easily as we support associations and companies hosting a 3-day event and a conference for one thousand. We view our job as providing the resources to help you grow. When you need us, we will be there.


3. How is CONVENTION LINKS different from other meeting and event management companies?

An important part of Convention Links’s “expectations plus” approach is our ability to serve as an extension of your team, negotiating the best possible rates and terms for your event. CONVENTION LINKS works from a fixed fee. Regardless of the time we spend to ensure your event is an unqualified success you do not have to pay more than what was quoted to you initially and already agreed upon. CONVENTION LINKS do not mark-up on hotel banquet and meeting packages. We also are not tied down with any vendor specifically. We may provide vendor or venue recommendations and suggestions to ensure a successful event. Ultimately we work for you, which ensures no conflict of interest with any other vendors.


4. We already have a committee and a support staff for all our events. Will we lose control or risk alienating the staff when we outsource to you?

Convention Links work as an extension of your team or committee. Many of CONVENTION LINKS’s clients rely on your in-house staff to work with our team. With CONVENTION LINKS overseeing the details, we often free your time and increase your control over the event. We may guide you and provide you with a list of recommendation and suggestions for your event based on your budget and requirements. Ultimately you, your committee or your in-house staff in charge of the event will be the one deciding and provide for the overall direction of the event. With more resources at your disposal, you and your staff are able to focus on streamlining schedules, activities, and in-house planning and execution. CONVENTION LINKS works with you or your staff to develop a mutually agreeable production schedule and timeline.


5. How much do you charge?

CONVENTION LINKS works on a fixed event management fees for the services that we offer. We do not mark up on hotel’s banquet or meeting packages. Our services fees depend on the number of guests and what type of services that you require from us, whether it’s a full service event support or just parts of the events services (like pre-event support services or venue search services). We have never increased our event fees half way through an event even if there are a lot more work that need to be done or more manpower required than initially quoted. What you pay is what was quoted from us and agreed right from the beginning. To get a quote on our event planning services, please CLICK HERE


6. Are your fees negotiable?

Our event services fees for a turnkey project management (A to Z) start from S$8000 onwards per event (not including any 3rd party costs e.g banquet, print, backdrops,etc) and is based on the size, complexity, logistics requirements, whether its an outdoor or indoor location, and provision of manpower of each event amongst other factors. It includes the manhours and the provision of manpower onsite (e.g registration hosts, set up/tear down crew, stage manager,etc)  required to plan and run each event from pre-event, onsite and post-event management. Although these are just estimates, more often than not, there are a lot more work involved than initially estimated. And because we do not increase our fees halfway through the event, we do not expect to have our fees lowered from the beginning. Requesting to lower the fees for the same amount of services being offered will result in less-effective outcome of your event. Alternatively, if you do not have a budget for a full service event support, we recommend that we handle only “parts of your event” rather than as a whole. For a list of services that we offer, please CLICK HERE. To get a quote for our event planning services fees, please CLICK HERE


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