The Arabian Nite Party Decor Tips!

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I was recently asked to talk a little bit about party decor tips and  I figured I might as well do a video blog with pictures so that its more visual. The decor at any event can make or break the event – yes! its that important.

When there is a theme involved at your event, the decor is important. The whole ambience, look and feel of the event can make your guests get “into the mood” to party. The best thing is – it really does not have to be complicated.

It can be simply yet elegantly decorated depending on your theme. One important tip though – get the right venue that gels with your theme. Forget boring hotel venues downtown! Here you see the beautiful Burkill Hall at the Singapore Botanic Gardens at night – an ideal setting for a cozy Arabian Nite Party!

Today in my tips & ideas column,  I mentioned in my video blog, simple tips on how you can get an Arabian Nite Decor for your party – aren’t you lucky? 🙂

Enough of the gloom and doom news of the economy tanking (and the swine flu) right now – check out our Arabian Nite
Party Decor Ideas below!

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The Arabian Nite Party Decor Tips

Here I am with one of my talents/minglers, Stephanie in Arabian costume. Her job is to mingle with and greet the guests when they sign in. Basically the party starts right from the moment  they sign-in!

When you have a theme for your party or event, make sure your minglers, entertainers and  the emcee (or master of ceremony) dress the part! Trust me – it helps in the mood and forms part of the decor for the party…Even if your guests do not dress up.

Check out the clever use of flowers, organza drapes, candles and lights to enhance the whole setting that gels with the theme. Watch and read all about the simple tips what you can do to have an Arabian Nite Party Decor on my video blog below:

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