Here’s Some Teambuilding Ideas For Your Next Offsite Meetings


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You maybe running your own seminars right now, or even have a business where you are thinking of celebrating your 5th or 10th year anniversary or even organise your own product launches and inviting your customers, past and present as well as as prospective clients.  Organising your own events is a terrific way to keep in touch and stay “personally connected” with your clientele.

Or if you are in the corporate world – stay connected with your colleagues and get “talking” with other departments, through events (or office parties)! Nothing beats that face to face contact, dont you agree?

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Working on Teambuilding Elements for Your Offsite Meetings

Whether you own a company or you are the head of department with at least 5 staff, go and organise a small off-site event with some teambuilding elements thrown in.

Its good to just take a break from the daily necessities of work and bond with your staff. Of course the most important thing is to get a well-qualified facilitator from a credible company who can facilitate and brings out the best in your team.

Other than the normal teambuilding “games”, here are some teambuilding elements that you may not think of but you can choose from:

1) Drumming & Percussion Teambuilding

Using drums & percussion as a way to bond with your group. Don’t be surprise that this actually is fun and it works! And they say how you “beat” your drums or percussion instruments will say a lot about you and how you gel with the rest of your team. At the end of the day, create beautiful drumming music with your team – and no, you don’t have to be a musician!

2) Cooking Teambuilding

This trend is getting more and more popular now with the proliferation of culinary schools. How you follow the chef’s instructions, getting your dish prepared and presented with your team can be fun, relaxing and even therapeutic! Plus you don’t even have to be a cook to begin with. If you or your team likes to create and eat what you create, then this is for you!

3) Art & Painting Teambuilding

Imagine a masterpiece by Da Vinci was stolen – you and your team have to re-create the masterpiece from scratch using paints and whatever equipments that was provided for you. Each team also has to explain how and why their “masterpiece” turn out to be that way. The end result from each team will be hilarious!

4) Music Video Teambuilding

Did you know that you can learn how to create your own music video with your team? Fancy doing an MTV dance video? Explore your creativity while working together with your team is another great way to bond. You get to discuss, thrash out ideas, and learn video editing at the same time!

5) Adventure Teambuilding

This runs gamut from an “Amazing Race” type of teambuilding event to an “outward bound” type of teambuilding activity like flying fox, walking on a suspension bridge amidst the canopy trees (also known as the canopy challenge), rock climbing, para-jump
(where you jump from a 10 storey height with a parachute). Depending on the age and health condition of your group, this may be ideal for a “younger” crowd 🙂

Hope the above will give you some ideas on what you can do as a teambuilding activity with your team. There are lots more I can assure you , this is not at all exhaustive but hey its a start.

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