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Last week was an interesting week for me. I went to not one but two networking event for business ladies in a week – believe it or not, this is the trend right now – so many of these are sprouting up. One event is the Ladies Who Latte which was held at the pool side of Fairmont Hotel, another was a Luncheon Talk with Zaibun Siraj, former founder of AWARE and there is also the PRIMETIME networking event for business and corporate ladies.

Men have been networking over golf, cigarette and drinks since the beginning of time, its time for us ladies who runs businesses or working women to have a networking platform of our own.

I must say I do enjoy meeting other ladies in different profession. Women do it so naturally too.

One of the many events that we were involved in before for a client was to manage networking events for them. As the eventplanner, my team and I had to get venue sponsors, market the entrance tickets, create a programme and get an event sponsor at the same time. It was a 6 months long retainer project and boy! was it hard work in the beginning. But it all paid off in the end, we grew our client’s database from nothing to more than 5000 strong and we had about SGD10,000 of sponsorship revenue. Mind you, the venue was sponsored too and it was a paid event with at least 50 to 100 guests attending each time paying SGD20 to SGD30 each.

So organising your own networking event can be lucrative if you have a great theme and the right audience to market to. In today’s article here’s 5 tips how you can create a successful networking event of your own. Read on!

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5 Tips To Have A Successful Networking Event

1. Have a great theme and a clear objective for your networking event

A networking event is only successful if you can organise a gathering for like minded people who wants to meet other like-minded people, matching suppliers with buyers and groups who want to meet their peers from other companies or people from other industry.

2. Have a sound event marketing plan

The event must be able to attract the guests who will be networking with each other and the vendors who may want to reach out these group of people. For example, a lot of spas, ladies gyms and beauty salons would like to target corporate ladies. IT vendors would like to reach out to the IT professionals, the CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and so on. Make sure there is a good balance and mix. We do not want an event with too many vendors and no guests!

3. Have a great programme that would be of interest to your guests

Organise talks that would benefit your audience, inspire them. Have a showcase of successful case studies of whatever best practices that your industry is doing. Create an atmosphere so that the audience can mingle with each other with ease. Have ice-breaking games if you have a good host and get the audience’s participation.

4. Get sponsors to help defray the cost of your event

This important if you want to ensure an event that is not draining on the pockets! There are alot of restaurants, clubs out there who may want to sponsor food & drinks in return for a guaranteed audience to their restaurant. Get goody-bag sponsors to help promote their products to your guests and at the same time your guests get free products as gifts. Don’t forget the cash sponsors or table booth sponsors at your event!

5. Ensure that the venue chosen is accessible and conducive to networking

Choosing the right venue is also important to ensure that your guests are comfortable networking with each other and can move around with ease. If the guests are not comfortable, chances are they will not stay long for the event. So choose a venue that is conducive for networking!

So there you go 5 simple tips that you can take with you. Ultimately in whatever you do, make sure you enjoy yourself. Good luck!

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