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Last week, I emailed you a Bonus Report on the 10 “HOTTEST” Venues To Host Your Next Special Event In Singapore. It was actually for new subscribers who have requested for it – I gave it to you too and hope that you welcome it and have enjoyed reading it while gleaning a thing or two from the report.

My company Convention Links has been getting a lot of requests to organise year end parties, dinner & dance and galas this past couple of weeks. As you know many hotels and venues get booked up really early at year end. I hope you have done your venue research and start planning for your event right now – coz it can be quite tough getting venues later on. Especially if its for a Friday/Saturday nite event date. After all its more or less ONLY 6 months to year end!

Of course, if you need help – you know who to call – Our general line number has always
been  65-6741 8323 🙂

Today’s topic is on Event Decor – 3 Ways To Enhance The Look & Feel Of Your Event!

If you think event decor is not important – think again! Your event decor can make a difference between a successful event and an event that falls flat. Read on below!

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3 Ways To Enhance The Look & Feel Of Your Event!

When organising an event, many of my clients don’t think that setting aside budget for event decor is important. To them food and venue is of utmost importance, second to that comes the entertainment portion. Although there are some truths in their thought process, I would like to bring you to another perspective and look at your Event Decor differently.

First of all, your event decor does not have to be complicated. Sure if you have the budget to splurge on fancy items – go ahead, but it is important enough for you to at least look at it as a way to enhance your whole event and give it the x-factor. There are of course many ways to enhance your event decor, however the 3 ways that is commonly used by many event professionals are the following:
1) Flowers

Flowers decor are not just for weddings! You can use flowers to add colour to your party, make your event come alive and even add a beautiful aroma to your event.
PLUS you can place it everywhere – the dining table, reception, stage area, etc. Otherwise the tables may look too empty or too “blah”. If its a business setting, make use of small, compact arrangements with not too bright colours. If its a posh gala dinner, look at casablanca lilies, roses and big dahlias. You can even use the Japanese floral arrangement, the Ikebana with great effect. So think “colours” and the sizes of your floral arrangements to enhance your event!
2) Lighting

Now theres 3 types of lighting. Theres the Stage Lights, Ballroom Lights and Atmosphere Lighting. We are talking about Atmosphere Lighting here as it is used to enhance the mood of the event, highlight certain areas in the ballroom like banquet stations, centerpieces and add colours to the walls & ceilings. With Atmosphere Lighting there are the “Intelligent” lights because you can program them to change colours, pattern and position and theres also the “gobos” which are
“plates” which you can used to create your logo, event name or interesting graphic shapes. The key is to work with a professional who can help you to design your look. Alternatively, using candles and tealights is another cost-effective way to enhance the atmosphere and will make your guests especially the ladies look great!
3) Props/Stage Set

With Props and Stage sets, you may have to exercise a little bit of creativity and imagination. Props can be in the form of styrofoam sculptures, backdrops, and even trees & plants! At our recent event, we made used of styrofoam “roman columns” on stage as well as the entrance and they can look great at any event. At our “Under The Sea” Xmas Party for one of our clients, we made use of styrofoam dolphins as one of the props! As for trees and plants, you can always rent them. Alternatively, there’s always the “human props” ! Think of hiring minglers dressed in costumes, “human statues” and the list is endless 🙂

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