5 Qualities Of A Great Event Planner!

5 Qualities Of A Great Event Planner!

Amongst other things, an event planner helps to take a whole load of stress and headache off your event planning and execution. He or she will help to propose ideas based on what you want, suggest other possible ways of doing things, execute them and make your vision a reality.

Basically a good event planner knows the 3 most important things:

1) what it takes to get the job done

2) how to get it done

3) when each tasks should get done

Here are the 5 qualities to look out for when choosing an event planner:

A) Loves People

Look for someone who is able to listen to your wants and needs. What you want achieved, what are your must haves, what would be ideal?

A good event planner listens to you, and when appropriate, advises you on what else can be done or what needs to take place first before anything can happen. He or she should be able to empathise with you and your challenges.

B) Dependability

How fast he or she respond to your queries and requests is a gauge of how reliable your event planner is. Imagine if the event is just 3 days away and your event planner is  uncontactable! Always request for one point of contact and see how fast he or she respond to you during the initial stages – e.g coming back with a proposal, tweaking the event budget to your satisfaction, updating you on progress, replying to your emails, etc.

C) Experience and credibility count:

An experienced event planner helps you see the big picture. He or she is able to conceptualise the event and help you envision the final outcome.

Where appropriate asks for past testimonials, credentials and event track record that the event planner has personally done. If it was a referral from someone you know who has contracted them before and has been pleased with their services, all the better.

D) Great connections!

A good event planner is someone who is well-connected. They have a whole library of resources, huge lists of suppliers to choose from and lots of interesting places to recommend to you. They should be able to provide you with great recommendations for everything relevant to your event: venues, corporate gifts, entertainers, photographers, decorations, etc. Take note of how well they advise you on the programme flow, ability to suggest appropriate event themes and provide you with choices. A good event planner guides you to make good decisions.

E) Have mutual trust and respect for you as the client

It is how well you work with him or her that matters most. You must give your event planner the trust and the freedom to perform and vice versa.

A good event planner will make the effort to make you feel comfortable and gives you the assurance that you are in good hands. They are your partners. Don’t just treat them as “another supplier”. Give them the due respect if they deserve it.

A good event planner can make or break your event. So choose wisely and  good-luck!


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