Attention: All Corporate Executives, HR Managers, Marketing Executives, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and anyone who has been tasked to organize events for their corporations!

Discover The Secrets To Successful Event Planning And Get The Recognition You Deserve!

Learn How You Can Plan & Execute Corporate Events With Ease! Learn How You Can Organise Events Like A Pro – Even If Its Your Very First Time - Get Effective Results By Implementing Our Proven Strategies In This One-Day Workshop – Guaranteed!


Dear Colleague,

Let’s face it, not everyone of us was born to plan events. It takes more than just booking the venue and catering food to make any event successful! Behind every fabulous event, there are essential elements, key strategies that are in place to make it happen. An event that runs like a well-oiled machine will get praises all around - but an event that flops – low turnouts, unhappy guests or a programme that is an entertaining as your toe nail can be a nightmare!

In this workshop, you will learn the techniques that all top event planners use to execute a flawless event. A well-planned, well-run meeting, retreat or convention is a thing of beauty. You get ONE chance to create an impression at your event and if you don’t take full advantage of that – you can say good bye to that promotion or worst – your career!

Sure this may be something that “fell on your lap”, or it may not be what you asked for and this may not even be comfortable for you – but imagine if you can put everything together, make it run like clockwork and pull it off seamlessly, miraculously even, wouldn’t this be the highlight of your career – everyone will sit up and take notice, wouldn’t they?

So which would you go for? Winging it and pray desperately that everything will go well, or actually learning and applying the techniques that will ensure your event’s success?

If you find yourself suddenly tasked with planning an important event for your company like a conference, incentive meeting or a product launch that could be a critical component to your organizations’s success – then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read!

Are you facing any of these problems?

  • You don’t know where to start or what to prioritize on
  • You don’t have a way to stay organized – or you don’t know how
  • You know you need a plan but you don’t know how to create one from scratch!
  • There are just too much things to do – and you can’t get professional help
  • There are too many or too few people in the team – and they don’t all agree
  • You have an unrealistic budget or very low budget - if at all!
  • No one taught you how to create an event timeline
  • Not knowing what to delegate and who to do what is another
  • (and worst you realized too late that you did not enlist enough people to help you onsite
    at the event
  • You don’t know what are all the items required to allocate for an event budget
  • You tend to overlook some costly event expenses
  • You did not expect the unexpected – and that costs you plenty!
  • Not having a clear goal of what you want accomplished
  • Not knowing how to get the invitation out creatively and effectively to reach out to your
  • You don’t have a list of guests to invite to the event
  • You are not sure which venues to choose
  • You don’t know how to make the right venue recommendation to your boss
  • You are overwhelmed with which vendors to choose
  • You don’t know where to get the right vendors for your events
  • You don’t know how to negotiate with event vendors
  • You don’t know what to look for in a contract
  • You thought you already told “them” verbally – how come they didn’t show up at the
  • You suddenly found yourself with a mountain of correspondences with many different
    parties to deal with!
  • You are not very good with details – and there ARE a lot of details to plan in events!
  • You can’t seem to visualize how you want your event to turn out – because you are
  • You don’t have any idea how to run the entertainment portion of the event
  • You lack creativity or not knowing what the fun activities are to do at your event
  • You don’t know which talent or entertainer is good to hire
  • You have no idea about publicity or how to publicize the event

If you answer YES to any of the above - You DO know one thing – you’re in Big Trouble!

All it takes is only one or two avoidable mistakes during the planning or a missed opportunity to promote , and you event can be a COLOSSAL FLOP. Imagine having to apologise to everyone from your bosses to your guests. Then you have to overcome the negative publicity – And resulting in having a hard time persuading people to go to your next one. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

But it doesn’t have to be that way and here’s the good news:

Mark this date on your calendar (chooose ONE):

15th May 2012, Tuesday


 26th May 2012, Saturday

We are offering a personalised full day session with LIMITED seats to allow for better interaction and receptiveness of the information shared!


We will show you how you can plan an event like a pro, put in place fail-proof systems, work through the key strategies and ensure your event’s success!


Before planning any event, it is important that you have a checklist of things to be done, questions to ask yourselves and miscellaneous items to be aware of. Shorten your learning curve by going through this step-by-step process of creating your own successful event:

  • How to set your Event Objectives: The 5 key questions to ask before planning ANY event – get this wrong, and you’ll be in trouble
  • How to decide the type of events that makes the most sense for you
  • How to set measurable goals so that you don’t sabotage yourself
  • The minimum number of months you need to plan most events
  • Why your events should never clash with any religious or commemorative holidays
  • The #1 month to avoid – especially in Singapore & Malaysia
  • The 7 key factors to consider when developing your event budget
  • How to set budgets so that you are not takened by surprise!
  • How to decide what to put on your budget – the answer may surprise you J
  • How to work with suppliers so that they give you the best deals!
  • What are the 3 hidden expenses that will eat you alive!
  • Choosing your venue – the 5 critical questions you must ask before you select the venue
  • 3 Secrets to negotiating successfully with venues
  • The 5 key steps in creating an event program
  • The # 1 thing  to decide on when planning your event programme
  • The secret to ensuring your programme goes by smoothly
  •  The 2 things to consider before you decide on an event theme
  • How to ensure that you are selecting the right theme for your event
  • The 7 different types of corporate events and what needs to be in the programme
  • How to decide what types of catering is suitable for your event? Buffet, Sitdown or Standing only?
  • Choosing the right kind of programme entertainment for your guests – inhouse or outside entertainments?
  • 5 things to look out for when choosing outside entertainers
  • How to create an event timeline that is effective for you?
  • How to set priorities that will ensure you get the most important things done first!
  • What needs to take place 6 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month and even1 week to the event!
  • 7 secrets to staying on top of ALL those details
  • How to choose the volunteers that will help you
  • The 3 most important things to consider in pre-event planning

When managing a corporate event – a major consideration is of course the guests or delegates that you will be inviting. Learn how to select, invite and approach your delegates. A large portion of managing your event onsite is to get everyone there, monitoring the activities and making sure that they know how to get back at the end of the event – especially when you are arranging their travel and accommodation.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • The SIMPLE FORMULA of knowing how many invitations to send
  • 9 ideas to targeting your attendees
  • The difference between an indoor and outdoor event – no, its not just the weather
  • What to look out for when your event is not held in a hotel or where there are no readily available support staff to help you with logistics
  • How to ensure efficient logistics when arranging for seats, tables and stage at your event
  • The VAKS of events (visual, audio, kinesthetics and smell) – and how to get them right for your event
  • Making use of decorations to enhance your events
  • What is the FIRST thing guests should see when entering your event venue?
  • What are the 4 MOST IMPORTANT things to manage onsite and you cannot afford to get this wrong!
  • How to ensure a tip top registration secretariat team - when do you use greeters?
  • How to decide what to put on your event invitation and what to do after the invitation to your event has been accepted
  • 5 hot tips for working with your caterers effectively
  • How to decide what type of food to cater for (yes, your guests’ dietary requirements are important) and how much food to order
  • What you should know and what you should avoid if you are serving alcohol
  • How to entertain your guests if you are having the cocktail hour
  • Should you or should you not have fringe activities before dinner?
  • When is good to hire professional Talents/Entertainers – where to find the good ones?
  • What you must know when hiring professional speakers or celebrity entertainers at your events
  • Why it is important to hire an emcee for your event
  • 5 hot tips for working effectively with your emcee
  • What you need to know to make your programme enticing and entertaining for your audience
  • How to ensure that your event programme go as plan
  • Why you must monitor  what goes and what will be on stage once the programme starts
  • Landmines to avoid when you are handling your own AV equipments – the microphones, LCD projector, laptop


See how easily you can evaluate the success of your event. Know the simple formula to follow up with your delegates, vendors, speakers after your events for a lasting impression.

You Will Learn:

  • 7 Ways to measure the success of your event
  • 4 Ways to get your guests to return next year – if yours is an annual event
  • 3 Ways to use your website as an after-event follow up
  • 5 Ideas to say “thank you” after your event
  • Who are the group of people that MUST be given thanks to
  • How to evaluate if your event committee or staff has perform their tasks effectively
  • 3 TIPS on doing an effective event debriefing with your event committee, sponsors or partners
  • Tips on scrutinizing your after-event bills so that you don’t have to pay more than you should
  • Tips on how to keep an emotional distance between you and the event outcome
  • Powerful ways to use follow-up event testimonials
  • What goes inside your event "photo-book" – so its easier to plan for next year!

Remember you’re given the opportunity to learn this in an easy to digest, step by step process at a fraction of the cost that I normally charge my clients who consult me on their eventplanning needs. Space is limited as I would like to impart my knowledge and expertise to those who really wants it.

Just imagine an event that is well-turned out – imagine the happy faces all around, the praises, the compliments from your bosses and your guests! If you would like to know the how –tos, the techniques, tips and tricks - then REGISTER for this workshop today!

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Get The Tips Techniques and Tricks The Pros Use To Put On Flawless Events Which You Can Apply Almost Immediately!
  Save time and energy learning everything from scratch on your own
Understand Key Strategies That Will Lead To Successful Event Planning
  Be Confident That You Will Pull Everything Off Like A Pro!
Get Started Right -Learn What You Need To Know Before You Begin Planning For Your Events
  Save Yourself The Worry, Wrong Turns & Wasted Effort By Starting Right!
Know the #1 Reason Events Go Off Track
  Avoid The Mistakes & Pitfalls So that Your Events Are ALWAYS On Track
Learn How To Deal With Vendors And Suppliers That Matter
  Save Money On Knowing What You Must Have and What You Can Scrimp Off In Order To Have A Successful Event
Negotiate And Deal With Venues Successfully
  Know The Secrets To Choosing The Right Venue
Learn How To Deal With ALL Those Details In Planning Your Events

This workshop will not only give you a Step-by-step process of how you can plan and execute a successful event - without the stress. It will also give you the secrets to negotiating with venues and vendors saving you thousands of dollars! You will come away with the confidence you need to pull everything off and make everything work together like clock work. Learn to execute events like a pro - even if this is your first time planning it!




Maya Kuchit-Desjarlais  has worked in the events, conferences and seminars industry for more than 10 years.
She has honed her skills in eventplanning over the years and is now willing to share her knowledge so that you too can do the same.
Having worked in conference organizing companies both big and small since she graduated from the National University of Singapore, she has been running her event planning company for the past 10 years and is the Director and Principal Trainer of Convention Links (S) Pte Ltd.
Her corporate clients include Millipore Asia, China Aviation Oil, Procter & Gamble, Carl Zeiss, Knowledge Universe, Gillette Asia Pacific, National Computer Systems, Hummingbird Asia, ADC Krone, KODAK, Hapag-Lloyd, BW Offshore, World Kitchen to name a few.
Her philosophy in events organizing has always been simple: To be totally meticulous in all event details and be overzealous in the pre-planning stage of events so that you will not be caught with surprises after. She believed that being calm in the midst of it all is the best way to handle everything. She is the go-to person when clients want answers to their event planning needs. She will teach you everything she knows about creating your own successful events and will present you with a step-by-step process on how you can reach your event goals – without the stress!




Testimonial #1: Met Learning Expectations!

"I gave "Excellent" for Content and "Very Good" for Presentation delivery.
Highly recommended!"

Events Director, Tanjung Rhu Resort, Malaysia

Testimonial #2: Gained Plenty of "Secrets"!

"I learnt a lot and gained many useful tips, ideas and "secrets" to successful event planning!"

Senior IT Marketing Executive, Alenu-IT Business Solutions

Testimonial#3: Got Concise And Concrete Steps!

"An excellent workshop! I have managed events before but this workshop gave me concise and concrete steps to event planning success!"

Linda Razak, Freelancer

Testimonial #4: Will Recommend!

"I have definitely picked up a few pointers from the course and will recommend this to my colleagues!"

Personal Assistant, MICA


"The recent Knowledge Universe Retreat at Bintan managed by Convention Links was hugely successful! We achieved our objectives of bonding, celebrating, and rewarding our team. Thanks to you and your team for making it easy and helping us to manage every tasks from accommodation, transport, meetings, teambuilding activities and our meals planning to be so smooth!"

Reg Singh, Chief Financial Officer, Knowledge Universe



Here’s what you get:

  1. Your very own workshop manualchecklistsevent templates for you to fill in the blanks and use immediately at your next event!
  2. Scrumptious snacks & drinks served throughout the session
  3. A full day session - whatever issues or burning questions you may have for any of your upcoming events - get your answers today!
  4. The all important Certificate of Attendance, acknowledging that you have attended this course!

ONLY SGD550 per pax 


Grab The Early Bird Rate at only  SGD495 per pax ! (register by May 2nd 2012)

Remember there are limited seats for a full day session!  Grab your seat today!


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You would spend literally thousands of dollars and thousands of hours compiling all the tips for this workshop. We don't know of any corporate executives, who has that luxury. Your time and effort should be spent filling in the blanks and using the information at the workshop to come up with creative ideas for planning your next event. You shouldn't be wasting your time tracking down the thousands of little details we have provided here for you.

And do you know how much special event planners and professional publicists cost? You can easily pay up to SGD10,000 or more to a professional planner to attend to the details and publicity of your event. If you want help implementing the ideas you see here, you can get what you need at a fraction of the cost! We tell you everything you need to know about planning your events successfully!




The workshop is designed for you to churn out event ideas and help you plan your event so that you can manage the details successfully. The template and checklists given at the workshop is dedicated to help wow and impress your guests!

Thousands of hours of hard work, mistakes and research went into creating this Successful Eventplanning Strategies Workshop. We have done it so you that you can shorten your learning curve and apply the eventplanning strategies that we will be teaching you!




 Mini-booklet compilation of more than 150 Event Vendors Listing worth SGD39.90! Includes Caterers, Event decorators, Transport providers, AV Suppliers, Talents/Entertainers - all the event vendors you need to run your own events and they include some of our event vendors whom we have used for our own events! This alone can save you tons of heartaches, money and time dealing with the wrong vendors!
Bonus #2: **
 Mini-booklet compilation of more than 200 Event Venues in Singapore worth SGD49.90 (and no this is not just a hotel list, it includes night clubs, beautiful black &white bungalows, yachts, country clubs, unique restaurants, offsite locations, auditoriums, training rooms and many more locations for you to organize your next event in Singapore!) Gives you loads of ideas on the possibilities of each venue and will save you plenty of time on venue search!
Bonus #3:
Your very own workshop manual. It will contain dozens of pre-written outlines, samples, and checklists used to run your own events.It will also contain many templates and worksheets you can use after you leave the workshop. There are plenty of reference materials in there which you can use over and over again - once you have it - you won't organize your next event without it :)
Bonus #4:
 CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE – Use this as proof of your attendance AND it could even be a stepping-stone for your career!

Seats are LIMITED  - to ensure a conducive learning environment for each participant!

So! If You Are Ready
To Start Planning Successful Events,
Register TODAY!

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To your success,

Maya Kuchit-Desjarlais / Director & Principal Trainer


P.S. Remember, our supply of the free bonus #1 & #2 is limited to the 1st 2 registrations! Register Today!

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